who is the best companion for an Aries woman?

who is the best companion for an Aries woman?
what signs are compatable for an Aries woman?

Suggestion by ColourfulStripes
Leo and Sagittarius.

Suggestion by Wicked Aries ♥ ♈
Leo and Sagittarius (the 2 other fire sign)… but Leo is better, they are better at compliment & pamper us (:

I’m dating a Leo guy (: <3

Good luck my dear

Suggestion by ♈ Grrrr ♈
My best relationship was with a Sagittarius man. I think Gemini might also be a good match. Aries needs someone who is interesting and always keeps them on their toes.

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Does a Gemini man like a Aries woman?
I am absolutly head over heals for a gemini, and we are currently very good friends, but i would like to become more than friends. Gemini men can you please help me? Do you like Aries women? What do you like about a Aries woman? What don’t you like? PLEASE HELP!

Suggestion by Kevin
yes, aries woman are like other woman

answer my question?

Suggestion by Nicolette12764♥
Horoscopes shouldn’t matter!!!

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2 Responses to who is the best companion for an Aries woman?

  1. ... August 15, 2012 at 8:17 am #

    i’ve been married to a gemini and a cancer. still friends with them, but had more fun with the gemini. dated a taurus for about 3 years, and i had a good time with him until i found out he was cheating. and it was over.

  2. Aries August 15, 2012 at 7:33 am #

    In my opinion I say Pisces. I consider myself super hyper sometimes angry person and since Pisces are laid back, cool, and collected, they keep me at peace. It is kind of like keeping me grounded. Cancers are okay but super sensitive and whiny. The reason why I said they are okay because if you want to walk all over someone, I would go with a Cancer, but that act gets old really quick and it becomes annoying and it’s not fun anymore, lol. Gemini’s are to flip floppy in my eyes and I don’t have time for all that.

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