What does my aries horoscope mean?

What does my aries horoscope mean?
“Brevity is the soul of wit, so that makes you extra-witty today. You keep it all short and sweet, and certainly leave people wanting more. You may start to ramp up in a few days, but for now, cut to the chase.” This is my horoscope for today , i don’t understand what it means.Please tell me what it means.

Suggestion by Incognito
It means get to the point!

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aries horoscope

what does it mean that I am Zodiac Aries with horoscope Virgo?
I mean what would that mean (astrologically) about my personality etc. ?

Suggestion by Jessica
That makes no sense.

Suggestion by Serenity
Yea it doesn’t, when is your birthday?

Suggestion by Charlotte
What day and month were you born? If your Zodiac sign is Aries then your horoscope would also be Aries. So which one are you, Aries or Virgo?

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aries horoscope
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