What are the characteristics to a Scorpio female?

What are the characteristics to a Scorpio female?
I’m a Scorpio female and wondering what are the characteristics about my sign with my gender. So, what are the characteristics?
If you don’t believe in horoscopes, then don’t answer.

Suggestion by La
find out your time of birth
then go to the site below, make a profile.
they have a great, informative free horoscope section

Suggestion by ☉
A Scorpio is a Scorpio. It doesn’t matter which sex you are. Scorpios are typically emotional, dramatic, sensitive, very ambitious (actually the most ambitious sign of the zodiacs), stubborn, demanding/bossy, sexual, secretive, and has emotional devotion in whatever they do.

Suggestion by The Turk
Scorpio women are extremely powerful if not more than the Scorpio man since it is the Scorpio woman that possesses ALL of the traits of the Scorpio. She has feminine and masculine qualities which make her a formidable force and you do not mess with a Scorpio women since her ruthlessness, once ignited, has no ends. The Scorpio woman has no concept of simplicity for her psyche is in constant chaos but of course, she is the only one, more than anyone else of ANY sign, who truly understands the facts of life. She knows the darkest depths of human behavior and all of the disturbing things attributed to it. She is also the only one who truly understands the meaning of love and that is Scorpio’s key (male or famale) to rise out of the ashes like a pheonix. The Scorpio woman is all-encompassing and no man or woman of any other sign can surpass her since she is the only one who TRULY resides at the top, so don’t believe what anyone says just know that you, more than anyone, can say that you are of the almighty as it pertains to the zodiac. Scorpio women are THEE BEST so be proud and sting them where it hurts!

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What are the characteristics/personality of Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Rising, and Aries Moon?
What is are the characteristics/personality of someone who has Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Rising, and Aries Moon?

Suggestion by …..
aqua sun- aloof, independent, boss type
scorp rising- intense, reserved, intuitive
aries moon- wants everything yesterday

Suggestion by Johnny Rocker89
Aquarius Sun- Youthful, quiet, lively, entertaining, accepting, would rather enjoy relaxing than always working too much, universal

Scorpio Rising- Sexual, difficult at times, can be a bit underhanded to get your way, flirtatious, deeply intense

Aries Moon- Insensitive at times

Suggestion by Jen
Aquas are eccentric.. they have a different mixture of friends.. Sun signs are how people SEE YOU as.. Aquas are independant they always keep things new, they don’t like repitition, alot of friends, but not alot of close bonds.
Moon represents emotional responses. Aries are impulsive and not really into talking about their feelings or emotions. They DO they don’t think before they DO or SAY haha.. adventurous etc.. so they will often just say what is on their mind before censorship so this person can probably offend people easily.. but their Aqua easygoing personality shows no regret and people probably look up to this person because they don’t regret or hesitate or overthink..
Very confident..
The rising sign supposedly represents physical features..? But to me it represents other aspects of you.. It balances out the impulsiveness of your Aries.. because Scorpios can be outgoing and adventurous, but they’re way more guarded.. not as quick to say things or do things impulsively..

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  1. ♥Dee W. says

    I’d say that they were headed for prison if they can’t figure out a safe way to channel their inner child & balance it with the brat that destroys everything it can’t get when it wants it. Most likely this person will need a career that keeps them busy & allows them to be #1 in the eyes of others. The person who tries to lie to them is in for a rude awakening. They will need to learn to walk away from difficult situations & control their anger. They CAN be giving & generous to a fault & this could be their downfall if they aren’t careful about who they give to. I pity the person who crosses them on their vacation days. This type of a person NEEDS to stay busy for their own sanity & the safety of those who may unkowingly cross them.

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