Taurus/Scorpio love match is true or untrue to you?

Taurus/Scorpio love match is true or untrue to you?
I’m a Taurus female and all through my life I’ve matched well with Scorpios as best friends and close family friends, friends that lasted from grade school (Scorpios), even my hair dresser of 15 yrs lol. I’m currently married to a Scorpio and we were friends first and married quickly after we met. We are in our mid 30′s and can’t imagine being married to anyone else. Anyway I keep reading how Tauruses should stay away from Scorpios and such but it’s never been the case for me. I know my rising is Scorpio, moon is Cancer (Mars: Leo, Gemini:Venus). I also know I don’t normally have Earth sign friends.
Any other really good Taurus/Scorpio matches as well? And why do you think that’s the case? For me I’m assuming it’s my planet line up…
Ang3l: That’s great — congrats. Looks like your signs for each other are almost like ours except flipped.

Lala: nice to hear that it went the distance with your parents! This is truly the first time I hear it working, I always hear negative stories.
Moonblaz: Thanks but you’re a tad off base. Not where where doubts came from. Based on my interactions with others and some reading..I found it to be different than what we are experiencing. And who are you to say what anyone “should” or “shouldn’t” do especially when you are off base about the motive!

Suggestion by Dan
It’s unlucky to be superstitious. I know this because I’m a Gemini.

Suggestion by lala
Yes my father was a Scorpio and my mother was a Taurus [ only death will do us a part ; had been very true for them ] also my eldest son is a Scorpio and his wife is a Taurus ; they are happily married for the last 15 yrs My son as Saturn in Aries and his wife venus in Aries . Saturn is masculine and karmic and venus is the planet of love and is feminine

Suggestion by Ang3l
Well for me its also very true. I am a Scorpio and my husband is a Taurus. We have been together for over 7 years and just got married over a month ago. Like you I could never imagine being with anyone else now. I think that we turned out to be a very good match for each other in all ways. I also get on well with other Taurus people too. I think that in general its a good match as they are opposites and opposites attract but obviously it will not work out for everyone.

Edit: Thanks icon smile Taurus/Scorpio love match is true or untrue to you?

Taurus Sun
Virgo Moon
Virgo Rising
Gemini Venus
Aquarius Mars

Scorpio Sun
Pisces Moon
Aquarius Rising
Libra Venus
Scorpio Mars

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Love match? icon smile Taurus/Scorpio love match is true or untrue to you? Taurus-Scorpio?
Sun: Taurus
Moon: Sagitarius
Acsending: Libra
Venus: Taurus

Sun: Scorpio
Moon: Pisces
Acsending: Scorpio
Venus: Sagitarius

No dumb answers please icon razz Taurus/Scorpio love match is true or untrue to you?

Suggestion by elham m
I think in overall taurus are some how superficial for scorpio, especially with Sagittarius moon;
In long term scorpio will look to Taurus as a 2 yers child;

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One Response to Taurus/Scorpio love match is true or untrue to you?

  1. moonblazefire May 23, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    You’re getting it wrong. They are opposed which means either they’ll be each other’s nightmare or be each other’s destiny/ true love. You seem to fit into the second case. I know many well matched taureans and scorpios. They are both very faithful and passionate.

    You shouldn’t think about astrology now that your match has been doing well for so long. If you think he’s the one you love, there should be no doubts.

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