My sun sign is Aries, moon sign is in Aquarius and I have a Scorpio Rising?

My sun sign is Aries, moon sign is in Aquarius and I have a Scorpio Rising?
I am just curious what kind of personality people with those signs will most likely have. Im also curious as to whether it would be a good idea to pursue a scorpio. I dont know any more details about his birth chart. Just wondering what you all think. I am female if that makes a difference.

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Yeah pursue a Scorpio no doubt !!

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An Aries Sun would be dynamic, aggressive, adventurous, and courageous. They can also be a bit insensitive, ruthless, selfish, impatient, and dominating. With an Aquarius Moon, this person would be emotionally unpredictable because Aquarius’s ruling planet is Uranus – planet of sudden changes and surprises. Mood swings may occur. This person would be very independent and enjoy their freedom. Aquarius Moons can be detached. Putting logic first, rather than jumping around on a emotional rant. Which gives them a calm and cool temperament. Tell a Aquarius Moon what to do? You’ll be shocked by their rebellious and stubborn side. Aquarius Moons are also very accepting and compassionate. They don’t discriminate. Some can be emotionally reserved, others are emotionally expressive. Look at the aspects the Moon makes. One who has a Scorpio Rising would come off on first impression as reserved, secretive and suspicious, observant, calculating, emotional, and willful. They can off such a intense vibe(usually without the person knowing), it may bother some or it may attract some. Usually people like you or they don’t. Which fits a Scorpio’s personality. They see black or white. Nothing in-between.

As far as you pursuing this Scorpio guy. Idk, you didn’t list his placements, so no telling how this guy is. Your advantage may be your Scorpio Rising. You probably relate to his actions.

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More of a Lamb instead of a Ram. Is it possible for a person born under the aries sign?
From what I’ve read, aries people are stubborn, outgoing, and prideful. I’m nothing like that. I’m the complete opposite. I’m more of a shy person.

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Someone else awhile back said the same to me. I think we are in the same situation. I’m an aries as well and …I kinda fit my description and then I don’t.

Suggestion by Been There
Aries needs to act … that is how they feel whole and vitally alive. No couch-potatoes here. SOME Aries are stubborn, outgoing, prideful, impulsive, etc. But not all: the underlying commonality is that they have this need to drink life deeply by doing things. One astrologer wrote “Aries proves themselves TO themselves through action” … in other words, that’s how they know they exist, by being active.

Now, my father-in-law has Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Aries. But he has Virgo Rising and Moon in Virgo in his first house, which “tames” the impulsivity of Aries and directs him towards careful, measured activity that is useful. And he has Saturn square his Sun and Mercury in Aries, which makes his mind more disciplined and makes him shy. The man is a self-made millionaire, and the motivator for doing so well in business was twofold (1) prove to himself that he was worthy (the Saturn square) and (2) the knowledge that his employees were relying on him for their own livelihood (that’s his Virgo) and the well-being of their families. He took that very seriously. He got both his chartered accountancy AND his law degree in only 5 years … he’s a genius with a brilliant mind, able to do long complicated math functions in his head without a calculator. Worked long hours at the office, and then after-hours he was in charge of charitable activities through the Rotary club … worked long hours in community service but his kids hardly saw him. All that Aries energy, directed into service to others (Virgo) … no pride, no stubbornness, and while not shy he is reserved and cautious.

So you need to understand Aries better. And you need to understand that your chart is much, much more than just Sun-in-Aries. And that whatever else is in your chart will affect and modify the Aries-nature in you. Your chart is complex and individual, a dynamic set of various needs competing with each other … if you are open to experiencing yourself fully, you will know just what your chart tells you, and if you aren’t then your chart will help you find it. But you don’t figure this out from just a Sun sign, and you don’t figure this out from reading little write-ups here and there. The chart shares itself only to someone who has studied the complexities of signs, aspects, planets, houses, etc … and you either pay someone to do it for you (not a computer-generated report … only a human brain can balance out all the factors) OR you learn it yourself. Seeing as no one can see inside of you as well as you can, I strongly suggest that learning it yourself is the best way to go. American Federation of Astrologers offers distance-lessons. And you can get an accurate, free birth chart done at this site (you need an accurate birth time) to help you start your search:

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aries sign

I dare anyone to disagree with me, I DARE YOU!

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