Im a taurus and my love match is supposed to be a virgo……..?

Im a taurus and my love match is supposed to be a virgo……..?
but my birthday is on may 18th for the virgo when is his birthday supposed to be for a perfect love match

Suggestion by dancer805
idk but those things never work….. don’t use them!

Suggestion by Obscure
dont fall for a virgo man…..they are liars and cheaters. you are a taurus…so your best pick should be a capricorn.

Suggestion by lollip0p666
i’m a taurus ..virgo b day is Aug 23 – sept 22
i much prefer water signs.. date outside you’re element.

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Leo and taurus do they make a love match or was it over before it began?
Do they work well together?
My boyfriend is a taurus and I am a leo. things are great for us now but in the long run will things be
great still?
Will things work out for us?

Suggestion by Swift
Don’t worry about Astrology, if you get a negative answer you may inadvertently end up self sabotaging the relationship.

Just keep in mind any combination is ultimately possible, its all about love and understanding after all.

He’s a Tarus and they are generally supposed to be rock solid and in for the long haul.

Suggestion by safa
…………….Leo – Taurus Compatibility
Strong determination and decision making power are the common characteristics found in both of them. Leo loves to have the attention from the audience and on the contrary Taurus always finds a safe place among the near and dear ones. Some problems may arise due to their personal dispositions and incompatibility. But love and passion are the areas where their compatibility is in a great position. Both are dynamic and energetic creatures so they both should work out the problems.

Compatibility of Leo Woman and Taurus Man

The thing which strengthens the compatibility of this love match is their passion. Taurus man are usually spendthrift. They do not like to shed the weight of their pocket. But his Leo partner will always be ready to make him pay for her pleasure. But this attitude of each one of them will not be a hurdle as compatibility is high on the love chart as they think that they are made for each other.

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3 Responses to Im a taurus and my love match is supposed to be a virgo……..?

  1. Aly Chelle May 21, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    it doesn’t matter when the exact birthday is…
    your also matched with other earth and water signs, virgo, taurus, capricorn, scorpio, cancer and pisces.
    but it depends on you rising, moon and other things, and also your love matches natal chart as well.
    that can change a lot up and make it harder as well. :)

  2. Isabelle May 21, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    Taurus and Virgo are compatible for work and family, but not so romantically……………..

  3. . May 21, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    yeah do not date virgo… they are kinda very annoying and selfish and cheaters you have no idea.. go for water sign man… they are so much better

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