From your experience, who is less narcissistic, aries men or aries women?

From your experience, who is less narcissistic, aries men or aries women?
I’m going to say aries women (I’m an aries, and yes I can be a little self-centered, but I’m definitely not overconfident or in love with myself -people are always telling me I’m too insecure and need to be more confident.) All the aries guys I know never stop talking about themselves.

Suggestion by Missemotion75
I would Say Aries women Also.The Aries Guys can be braggarts.

Suggestion by Siddy Shanks
Well in my experience both are ..though aries men like a baby cant stop braggin about themselves and thats wat irritates me….

with aries woman..its always about her though she cares abt u too..but far less than abt her…

u can conclude men are a little ahead than woman

Suggestion by naturebeautylover
I find they love themselves a lot but I’m not bothered by it in the least. My friend is an Aries and she is super thoughtful as well as sweet. She certainly puts energy into people she cares a lot about. I’m an Aquarius and we also have the best conversations too.

I use to know two Aries guys and the one dude I just laughed at him when talked about himself all the time. He was very sweet too but I just found it funny. I never really took it to heart or thought about his narcissism. I think a TRUE narcissist doesn’t really think of others that much but I know Aries do think about others because they are very emotional too even though they appear strong willed. However my one Aries buddy always wanted to do what he wanted to do. If we went to the movies it was his way or no way. If he wanted me to chill I had to go over to his place, everything was always on his terms.

I believe every zodiac sign has two categories they fall into, it’s either a. or b.

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What does it take for a Sagittarius and an Aries to get along?
What qualities must both have to be able to stand each other. Particularly, an aries woman and a sagittarius male?

Also, what would an aries have to do to get a sagittarius to forgive her if she (aries) did something insulting to him that she later regretted. (NO anti-horoscope stuff please!)
Some good answers, Thanks

Suggestion by infantryveteransrk
just be fortunate that the Aries woman is not a Gemini Woman, wow thats a tough crowd right there

Suggestion by Caryn R
I’m an Aries woman and always read that our best match is Sagittarius. As far as doing something that the other person will forgive, don’t you think its more important to focus in the actual person instead of just their sign?

It would probably be easier and more effective to figure out what makes that person happy or upset and go according to that instead of a star chart.

Good luck.

Suggestion by Astro Lady
The good news is that just based on Sun sign compatibility alone, you two make a great pairing in the sense that you have a mitual understanding of each other’s life goals, inner drives and working mechanisms. Both of you are ego-driven, self-centered, individualistic people.

Aries in particular needs to cut back on her egocentric, self-centered ways as she tends to be more oblivious of the impact of her actions on others. Sagittarius male needs to cut back on his free-wheeling, sometimes emotionally aloof and detached manners as his freedom is his number one prize in life.

The good news is that Sags dont usually bear grudges or hold onto negative feelings as they’re naturally optimistic people (unless he has a particularly sensitive, emotional Moon sign such as Scorpio). If that is the case, do reassure him that whatever you have done was unintentional & there was no harm intended. Ask for forgiveness and I’m sure his Sagittarius ways will let bygones be bygones.

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2 Responses to From your experience, who is less narcissistic, aries men or aries women?

  1. Coco November 6, 2012 at 6:49 am #

    I’m an Aries going out with a Sagittarius and our relationship has been strong for 7 years. Sometimes I can’t stand him because he can be sooo annoying at times but I’m so used to it that we have our own language (like weird facial expressions) and understanding of each other. Also our relationship is pretty good because we forgive and forget…I admit that I do bring back stuff from the past that I have forgiven him for but he is so used to it by now that he disregards it. It’s something that I still need to keep working on and not bring up the past so much. It makes him distress but all I know is that he loves me and can accept that part of me. I love him and I know I need to let things go for the sake of our relationship. Plus, its over small things that wasn’t really important. When I think about it, he does tells me that he dislike me nagging him, insulting him at times, and bringing up the past. But that’s me being straight forward and using the past as examples to not make future mistakes, if you know what I mean =P. Man, if only he could understand me better. I wouldn’t have to put so much effort into this relationship. But since then, I know my limitations and what topic to stay clear of so I don’t hurt him again. In the end, I say it was worth my time…because I know I found my soulmate.

    You need patience, compassion, and love. With all these qualities, you can build your relationship stronger. Also, if you don’t have anything nice to say, walk it off or vent where he’s not around. They are sensitive to what we think about them even though you think it isn’t offending. So be careful of what you say.

    When I insult my significant other, I talk with him. First, you should wait until he calms down give it a couple of hours or a day then approach him with a regretful expression…I pout my lips and say I’m sorry =) and explain why I said it. But what always win his heart is food! So cook him a nice dinner. I don’t know how long your relationship has been but my guy loves food and it usually is like a bribe hehe! If your relationship is sort of new like less than a year, or even months, then let him know your sorry and that you will learn not to insult him like that again. The key is communication, for any relationship.

    Anyways let me know how it went..Good luck!

    P.S. never give up

  2. Autumn November 6, 2012 at 6:10 am #

    Sagittarius and an Aries get along right on the spot. If you show interest, they’ll eventually show interest back and you can go from there. Hmm… my twin sister is an aries and her boyfriend is a Sagittarius. They’ve been together for about 8 years now and still going strong. I wouldn’t worry about it so much. Usually in a couple of hours or the next day, everything should be fine. In an Aries and Sagittarius relationship, everything is forgiven and forgotton and they move on to better things. I’m just speaking from personal experiences. If you want me to elaborate on how to have a Sagittarius forgive you, just give them a simple sorry and explain why you are sorry. I’m sure everything will be fine. Good luck! =)

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