cusp horoscope compatibility?

cusp horoscope compatibility?
i was just wondering the compatibility with a pisces/aries cusp man (March 19th) and a taurus/gemini cusp woman (May 21) is. Cusp ones are usually a little harder to figure out.

Suggestion by Been There
Cusps are not at all difficult to figure out. That’s because REAL astrologers don’t use them. You were born on a day when the Sun moved out of one sign and into another sign. Your Sun cannot be in two signs at once. It is either in Taurus OR in Gemini.

So you track down your birth time (from a relative, from a birth certificate, from hospital records), go to a free chart website, such as this one:
plug in your birth data, and you will know WHICH sign your Sun is in.

The only people who use cusps are:
1) People who know next to nothing about astrology, or
2) People who want to make money off them (the columnist can’t very well ask you for your birth time and do your chart up, so they make up this “cusp” thing so they keep your business)

Suggestion by SeaGoat Girl
Been There is right…Sun signs don’t have “cusps”, and are unreliable for compatibility purposes.

In order to answer this question correctly, you need to compare the time, place, and date of birth of you and the other person. And you cannot truly call anything a TRINE unless you look at the degree; just because the signs are trine does not mean the placements are trine by degrees.

It important to compare the degrees between the signs and planets of each chart also. Sun signs are notoriously unreliable for compatibility analysis,
so you really do need to look at the aspects to tell.

However you can go to and put in both birth dates. It will give you a compatibility analysis which is much more accurate and exact than anything sun sign based.

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The Kardashians horoscope compatibility?
Kim is a Libra, Kourtney is an Aries and Khloe is a Cancer. Why is Kim and Kourtney not that close when Libras and Aries get a long well and why is Kourtney and Khloe close when Aries and Cancer are enemies.

Suggestion by idklol
it also depends on their rising and moon and other stuff

Suggestion by tweetybird
I agree with the person above. The rest of their charts are important too.

Suggestion by Troll Possum
None of it matters.

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  1. Plaque Guy says

    Plus they’re sisters. Their relationships have many more complexities than just horoscope compatibility.

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