Best Match For Taurus Woman

The Twelve Zodiac Signs Are Groups Into Four Element

Under the light of Horoscope, the twelve Zodiac signs are grouped into four essential elements which are Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. In terms of Earth element, today let’s examine Taurus – the second Zodiac sign to figure out which signs are best suited for a Taurus woman.

Looking For A Loyal Partner? She Is A Taurus Woman

The following are several prominent characteristics of a Taurus woman which are worth bearing in mind whenever you desire to ignite spark of love with her.

– Loyalty

– Incredible patience

– Stability and security quest

– Sensitiveness, protectiveness and supportiveness

– Practicality and no-nonsense

It can be said that a Taurus woman is ideal for a man who thirsts for being pampered and nurtured associated with a strong sense of loyalty and devotion. Remember that the process of building relationship with a Taurus woman will certainly take time; but in return, it will stand over the test of time indeed.

Best Match For Taurus Woman

According to an astrological chart of Taurus, the best match for a Taurus woman can be identified in the zone of either Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) or Water signs (Gemini, Cancer and Scorpio). Thus, both Air signs and Fire signs are not suitable for Taurus woman to form a perfect match.

Why not Air and Fire?

A Taurus woman usually strives for stability and security regarding both material and spiritual life. Therefore, Taurus find it hard to endure the freedom-seeking behaviors of Air signs and impatience of Fire signs. Through Taurus’s glasses, Air signs of Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini are too unstable and irresponsible in some aspects. How about Fire signs? Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will dry out the earth as bringing the relationship to an end easily.

In a word, a Taurus woman’s need is a man who can allow her to live in comfort with stable home and sufficient income. In general, Earth signs of Capricorn and Virgo can understand and appreciate Taurus’s life standard more than other Zodiac signs.

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