Astrology, Horoscopes, and Cusps.?

Astrology, Horoscopes, and Cusps.?
I’ve been wondering quite a bit lately about my Horoscope sign.
Ever since I found out it was possible to be this “cusp” (I did not know there was a name for it) I’m wondering what I should do about it.
I’ve tried looking it up of course; I recently heard about this birth-chart thing, but that requires money and I’m not that determined to figure it out.

So, here’s my deal: I’m not sure what time I was born.
However, I was born May 21st, 1994. (I MAY have been born after 12PM – but if anyone can help me, what would be the circumstance if I was born before AND after? [Not born both, but what would both be?]).
I’m concerned because a) I’ve always viewed the Gemini Horoscope – which always seems to be quite accurate – but what if I should be reading the Taurus? b) Many things classify me as a Gemini but some as a Taurus, c) the new Calendar says I’m a Taurus.
The thing is, Gemini is my personality in most cases. Without looking at the chart; I’m very friendly, I can be social around friends, although I’m very shy to new people and quiet in class, I’m creative, determined, self-motivated, and see the world as a playground, in a way. But I can always be serious at times when necessary and if I have a job (not just a chore) I’d listen carefully, learn quickly, and get the job done. I’m also a visual learner. I’m passionate about love and take it very seriously. I’m in High school and even though I’m in my third relationship – none of them were less than a year – and my current is reaching three years.

Just a little insight on my personality. The Taurus I’m not sure what they are like, I haven’t checked in a while.

My main concern for all of this is: What Sign Do I Read?
(My facebook daily horoscope is a Gemini, which more times than not, has been an accurate reading of my day. But I can’t sign up for more than one; so I’m missing out on what the Taurus’ is).

Suggestion by ∫ QM ℏ
Astrology is BS, it means absolutely nothing.

Suggestion by Nyx
Astrology and astronomy are only related these days in that they deal with objects in the sky. That the stuff in the sky has any influence on how your life is affected on an daily basis, is total nonsense.

But of course, this what you would expect from getting your question posted to the ‘astronomy and space’ section.

Suggestion by James G
This question doesn’t belong in astronomy, which is real science, astrology is a bogus pseudoscience that has no basis in facts.
Astrologists make false claims that bear no basis in reality, there is more likely hood that the doctors and nurses exerted thousands of times more influence on you at birth than a distance planetary body.
Visit or for many answers to paranormal claims.

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what does my birth chart mean? And am I compatible with my bf of 5 yrs?
I know what they say about Geminis and Scorpios but ive been in a relationship with my bf since I was 16, 5 years now. Hes not the first long relationship ive had either but we are so different..even in culture, im half Jap half English, and hes Spanish not to mention the 8 yr age gap between us, but he fascinated me with his gemini charms… Yes I am a true scorpio at heart but also like my freedom too as I like to travel and go out a lot, whereas he funnily enough is a stay at home go out once in a while type? thought it was supposed to be the other way around… lol. I do believe in horoscopes (not the daily horoscope thing but the characteristics yes} I have surprised myself with trying to guess the sign and can point out a gemini when i see one! lol!! learnt from my baby i guess ;) anyway mine and his chart…. I just want to lay off trying to find out why were still even after 5 yrs so..I dunno the way we are…can someone out there in the big wide world translate our planets to english plz!!? It is a love hate relationship, but then again i have been through a lot and it was like that with my ex pisces to whom i was with for 2yrs(first love) but ive always thought the sweet isnt so sweet with out the sour. ;) Sick of thinking theres no hope for us, apparantly a lot of geminis and scorpios both agree to stay away from each other….just want some knowledge of either others’ experience or is there a compatibility hidden in our planets..


JupiterCancer10.51 R
Asc nodeAquarius22.14

My bbe’s

SaturnLibra3.04 R
UranusScorpio27.46 R
NeptuneSagittarius23.59 R
PlutoLibra21.53 R
Asc nodeLeo3.28

thanks xxx

Suggestion by Question Guy
I’d be wary of the Uranus conjunction

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  1. Erica s says

    I will try to answer a little more constructively than some of your answerers. All tests and trials undertaken on astrology and there have been many, have shown there to be no correlation between any astronomical event and human affairs. In other words, astrology has no better predictive powers than sheer chance. Rather than wasting time (and possibly money) you would be better advised to take charge of your own life and not put your trust in non-existent influences from the sky! Yes, I know most people can point to events as predicted that came true for them. However, this is due to a process in the human brain called confirmation bias, which you may care to research. Tell yourself not to be concerned with astrology because of it’s inefficacy, and you will be surprised how liberated you suddenly feel.

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  2. Bobby says

    Astrology is a load of stinking horse manure

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  3. Professor Know It All says


    Not astrology! Why do you believe such tripe?

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  4. dieter b says

    If you are intrigued by that kind of thing and it makes you exited,go for it as long as you realize that it is nonsense.

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